You may have heard about Netflix considering a third season of CBS’s cult favorite drama, Jericho.  The Save Jericho campaign has decided to hold a huge Jericho rewatch today on Netflix to try and convince them that the audience is there for it!  Here is the information for the rewatch:

Let’s let Netflix know we are here!

Join me in streaming Jericho via Netflix. Today (5/2) I am streaming Jericho and I have the JKI chat window open: Stop by or start your own marathon/chat and let others know you are watching. 

For those that do not have Netflix, you can get a 30 day free trial:

Netflix as been expanding and is now available in Canada, the UK and in Central and South America.

Stephen Briglin has let us know about the cash back available in the UK. There is quidco at who are offering £7 cash back just now but this has been up to £20 recently. There is also who are currently offering £9.09. Folks might like to know that these sites offer cashback on loads of stuff including insurance, mobile phone contacts etc.. I have personally received over £1000 in cash back in the last year or so.

Anyone know of a US voucher site??? 

Stand up and be counted by letting Netflix know you want more Jericho!!!