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In case you missed last week’s episode of Fringe (SPOILERS),  check out the awesome animated Walter Bishop LSD trip.  Its embedded below and super bizarre.

Definitely one of the funniest moments of the entire series.  I’m gonna miss Fringe, it only has 4 episodes left airing Dec 21, Jan 11 and the final two on Jan 18.



A new, full length trailer for JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek sequel was released today.  Check it out, its embedded below.

AWESOME.  Spaceships, explosions, an epic narration by the always-great Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison, the villain who many suspect to either be Kahn, Gary Mitchell or some sort of combination of the two) and lots of jumping off of things!  The trailer does a great job of highlighting the darker tone of the movie and an overall theme of redemption for Kirk.

Also, hidden in the trailer is a website URL, which lets you sign up to participate in what will surely be another entertaining viral marketing campaign that so many sci-fi movies run these days.  Quick note, remember that 1701 is the registration number for the USS Enterprise.

What do you think of the trailer?



Yesterday, news broke that David Hewlett (Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis) was possibly making a Stargate Universe movie using the sets he purchased (the shuttle + others) when the show was cancelled.  Well, according to, we were getting a little ahead of ourselves.

gateworld tweet

So the movie is not Stargate related and is a different sci-fi movie all together, just reusing whatever set pieces he owns.  Though I am disappointed that SGU isn’t returning any time soon, I’ll still gladly watch whatever Hewlett is putting together.  It may be the sci-fi-comedy project he mentioned a year ago called StarCrossed (source).  Or, it may be Debug, another project he mentioned earlier this year (source).  Whatever it is, the project is filming in February 2013.

I’ll update with more information as it becomes available.




David Hewlett, the actor who played Rodney McKay on all 3 Stargate shows tweeted the following yesterday:

hewlet tweet

Later he followed up with this:

hewlet tweet2

I’m going to assume/ hope that this is about a Stargate movie and not his own project (Starcrossed) using the SGU sets (which I would still watch though).  If so, then it is most likely the movie which Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper had been planning to make after the show got cancelled but was shelved because they couldn’t get their act together in time (source).  Or maybe it is a different Stargate movie that will properly end SGU and SGA?  I don’t know but I am super excited to find out what’s up with this.  Hewlett bought much of the SGU sets after its cancellation and had them put in storage so a return to the Destiny in some way seems very possible now.  I guess the franchise may not be dead after all!

What do you think is going to happen?



As of Friday, all 10 episodes of Syfy’s new web series, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, are available on Youtube. It will air as a TV movie (and possibly back-door pilot) and then be released on DVD/ BluRay after.  Syfy has said that if it does well in views and sales, they will continue the series, possibly even as a real TV show.   They are embedded below, once I have a chance to watch them all at once I will write up a review.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episodes 3 and 4:

Episodes 5 and 6:

Episodes 7 and 8:

Episodes 9 and 10:

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