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Awesome news for sci-fi tv today!  At the Xbox One unveiling today  (by the way, really creative name Microsoft), it was announced that a Halo TV series is in being created exclusively for Xbox Live subscribers.  Yup, one of the biggest sci-fi video game franchises is headed for the small screen!

I guess they are getting in the TV production market similarly to Netflix and Amazon.  There isn’t much information on this project available yet, though Spielberg will be involved in some way (probably as producer) which is a good early sign for the quality we can hope to expect!  But if its anything like District 9/ Elysium director’s short Halo film (see below),  I’ll be watching!

What do you think of a Halo tv show?  Will you be tuning in?


I don’t play EVE but I’ve heard a lot about it and it does look pretty damn cool. Need proof?  Check out the video below:

Its too bad I don’t have the time for MMOs, I feel like I could really get into the universe.  Well lucky for me, it was announced recently that they are making a TV show based on the EVE universe telling real stories from players of the game (from what I’ve heard, it can be get very interesting).  They are accepting stories here.

I think this is super cool, croudsourcing the game players for stories is a neat idea and I hope that this show turns out nicely, which will depend on many other things as well including the CG budget since  the show will most likely be a BSG-ish space opera show.  Well, only time will tell but I’ll be tuning in!

Do you play EVE?  Got an interesting stories?  What are your thoughts on an EVE TV show?


Well, that Stargate SG1 mobile app that was mentioned months ago was finally released today!  Its free too!  Check it out on iTunes here:  I’m in the process of downloading it now and will review it later but I figured I’d let you guys know about it first!

According to some work by the guys at, it may hint at the future of Stargate.  The in-app purchase of Stargate artwork shows some very interesting images!

Hmm those don’t seem very familiar…  I’ll report back with more once it has finished downloading!

EDIT:  So I think there is an issue with it on the iPhone 3GS as it crashes at launch every time.  Guess I can’t tour the SGC until they update the app.  Sad face.



More Walking Dead news!  Activision has just announced that they are working on a first-person shooter based on the TV series of The Walking Dead where you play as brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon trying to survive in Atlanta (I assume before they meet up with the rest of the group)!

This is a different game from TellTale Games’ Walking Dead series which is based off of the comics.  I actually bought and played the first part yesterday and it was actually really good!

There isn’t too much information available yet but the game is scheduled for release in 2013 on consoles and PC.  Cool cool cool!


Though the franchise is currently dead (though apparantly something is going to be announced at Comic Con next week), footage of the cancelled SG1 video game, “The Alliance” was posted online last month and damn does it look cool!

Though the graphics aren’t amazing compared to today’s standards (remember this game was being worked on way back in 2005), the gameplay looks pretty solid and fun and being able to walk around the SGC shooting up bad guys would have been so cool!  The game’s story was supposed to revolve around a battle against an alliance of Anubis and the Haakan, a new species made for the game.

Its a shame the game was never completed due to legal reasons, I would have totally played it!  Hopefully the rumors of a new SG1 game are true (see the link near the top) but we’ll have to wait for Comic-Con to find out!


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