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Great news for all you Stargate Universe fans!  Though the series has ended (at least for now, I still have hope of a return one day), it is still receiving recognition for the amazing show that it was as it won 5 of the 6 Constellation Awards (which are the Canadian Sci-Fi film and television awards) that it […]

Though the franchise is currently dead (though apparantly something is going to be announced at Comic Con next week), footage of the cancelled SG1 video game, “The Alliance” was posted online last month and damn does it look cool! Though the graphics aren’t amazing compared to today’s standards (remember this game was being worked on way back […]

Random question of the day!  Favorite Stargate smart guy/ girl? Vote and comment below!  If I missed one (there’s many), answer as other and comment why you chose them. -Tom

Random question of the day!  This one is for all the Stargate fans!  Out of the whole franchise (three shows: SG1, SGA and SGU), which was the most menacing enemy? Vote below and comment why!  If I missed one (there are a lot of enemies), vote it in as other. -Tom

  Remember Stargate Universe Virtual Season 3 I wrote about the other day?  Well it is back online in full (all 8 scripts) for free at Laurence Moroney’s website:  I guess whatever was going on behind the scenes didn’t work out.  That’s too bad but at least the scripts are back online for all to […]