FTLNews has teamed up with the Save Sci-Fi Movement.  Visit them at: https://www.facebook.com/SaveSciFi and at their website http://savescifi.grinningstudios.com.  Below is their mission statement.

This has gone beyond a show, or two, or three! Science Fiction TV is under Assault. We MUST all band together to show our commitment! SCIENCE FICTION IS THE FUTURE. WILL YOU BE A PART OF THAT FUTURE?

I ask you all, what is the Future worth to you? Is it worth fighting with your every breath to make it the best future for your children? Is it worth your time to ensure that the human race and planet Earth HAVE a future? If that is so, why are you wasting your time watching Wrestling, Cooking, And Ghosts? The future is Space, The future is Colonization of other moons, planets, and Galaxies. Until we Humans establish a Presence in the Cosmos, we are incredibly vulnerable to a single disaster wiping us all out. NOW tell me, where does our drive to evolve come from? Where does our drive to reach out into the cosmos exist? Well let me tell you! It comes from our imagination, and is then reproduced into Science Fiction. Science Fiction shows us what we can do when we put our mind to it. WHERE is that drive? That Drive is in Jeopardy of burning out, and if that happens, we are doomed. Please, HELP US SAVE SCIENCE FICTION! SAVE THE FUTURE!

~ Michael Daugherty (I can be contacted at mcyber.kon@gmail.com)
(I also run the Star Trek: Cardinal Page and the “Bring back the old Sci Fi” page, so please join us over there and show your support!)