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Well, Syfy giveth and Syfy taketh. After the awesome early season 2 renewal of Defiance, Warehouse 13 has been renewed (and effectively cancelled) with a final 5th season order of only 6 episodes.

I never actually got around to watching this show but I’ve heard good things. Sorry to see another sci-fi show bite the dust and hopefully Syfy’s replaces it with some quality content (more Clandestine or High Moon and less wrestling please). And seriously, what’s with these final mini-seasons? Nikita just got a final season order of 6 eps too. Weird. Hopefully they can end it off right for the fans.

What are your thoughts on this? Sad to see W13 end?


Defiance Renewed For Season 2!


Good news!  Defiance, which has had 4 very solid episodes so far (nothing ground-breaking yet but still entertaining) has received an early renewal from Syfy for a 13 episodes season 2!  Production will begin in August and the season will premier in early 2014.

Good to hear Syfy is actually standing by their new show, especially considering how expensive it is to produce and that its number have been decent but not amazing.  The show has a lot of room for improvement and often shows find their footing in their second season (cough cough SGU cough cough) so its good to hear that Defiance will have more time to grow and improve.

What do you think of Defiance so far?  Worthy of a second season?



Hey, I’m back from school for the summer and figured it was time I got back into posting here. Im going to treat this site as more of an informally written blog than a news site so enjoy my slightly more unfiltered words.


Anyways, 2 episodes of Syfy’s highly anticipated new show, Defiance, have aired with a third dose coming tomorrow night. Overall, it has been pretty decent in my opinion. The story is fairly interesting and it has ALOT of potential to be something much more along the lines of Battlestar Galactica than NBC’s mediocre new sci fi show, Revolution, which really has been a huge disappointment to me considering the people involved (JJ Abrams, Eric Kripke and so on).


Let’s focus on what Defiance is doing right. The cast is pretty good. Rita from Dexter (RIP) plays the mayor of new St.Louis, Grant Bowler plays our Malcolm Reynolds character and whoever is playing the step daughter alien chick has been probably the best of them all, showing off a real convincing “us or them” attitude that has fuelled the majority of her story so far. The supporting cast is aight, haven’t seen too much of them to say much more.

The universe is really awesome! Coming from Farscape’s Rockne o’Bannon, I’m not too surprised but I’m a sucker for anything to do with space. That opening CG shot with the Votan ships arriving at earth really hooked me on early. Some of the CG has been a little weak but only for things that don’t really matter much anyways. The big shots have been sweet! I hope the show doesn’t stay fully earth-based, though the city looks really great too. I’m glad they went for a lot of physical sets as the city seems to give off a neat (and probably intentional) Firefly-ish vibe.

As well, with so many different alien races (I don’t know the race names yet so bear with me) coming to earth already disliking much of each other, it makes for a lot of interesting dynamics between characters of different races. The evil race (the Volge maybe?) that they had to fight near the end of ep 1 was super cool and I bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon! Its nice to have moral ambiguity with the alien races but I’m glad they also decided to include an obvious villain in the show to keep an ever present threat in the mix (one of the reasons for why some of the early episodes of SGU were so boring ).

The culture clash has been very apparent, especially from ep 2 of cleansing ritual that was essentially torture to everyone else. It seems like these races have all been really thought out and hopefully we’ll see some more interesting differences been the races. That human girl that is going to be marrying that emo alien guy is pushing the plot along nicely with the old white alien that kinda looks like Nicholas Rush from SGU (RIP) trying to take control of the mine over top of old St.Louis too. I bet that nuclear plant (ep 2) is going to come up again too, the city is practically sitting on top of a nuke!! Lets just hope they don’t focus for too long on the teen love story bullshit.

Now I know that this judging based on only 2 episodes so its not really saying much but I really believe that this show could be amazing as long as the suits at Syfy dont cancel it early (ratings are solid so far) and let the creative people do their jobs uninterrupted. If you are on the fence about giving the show a chance, do it ya dingus!

Also, I haven’t tried the game (MMOs aren’t my thing) but it seems to be getting positive reviews overall. If you’ve tried it, what do you think? I’m curious to see how they plan to link the game world and tv world.


UPDATE: http://ftlnews.com/2012/12/14/new-david-hewlett-sci-fi-project-is-not-stargate-related/


David Hewlett, the actor who played Rodney McKay on all 3 Stargate shows tweeted the following yesterday:

hewlet tweet


Later he followed up with this:

hewlet tweet2


I’m going to assume/ hope that this is about a Stargate movie and not his own project (Starcrossed) using the SGU sets (which I would still watch though).  If so, then it is most likely the movie which Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper had been planning to make after the show got cancelled but was shelved because they couldn’t get their act together in time (source).  Or maybe it is a different Stargate movie that will properly end SGU and SGA?  I don’t know but I am super excited to find out what’s up with this.  Hewlett bought much of the SGU sets after its cancellation and had them put in storage so a return to the Destiny in some way seems very possible now.  I guess the franchise may not be dead after all!

What do you think is going to happen?



As of Friday, all 10 episodes of Syfy’s new web series, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, are available on Youtube. It will air as a TV movie (and possibly back-door pilot) and then be released on DVD/ BluRay after.  Syfy has said that if it does well in views and sales, they will continue the series, possibly even as a real TV show.   They are embedded below, once I have a chance to watch them all at once I will write up a review.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episodes 3 and 4:

Episodes 5 and 6:

Episodes 7 and 8:

Episodes 9 and 10:

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